La Taguara, Arepería is based on the idea of ​​offering the Venezuelan indigenous gastronomic variety of dishes while, at the same time, providing an original space where one can experience one of Latin America´s ways of eating.

The protagonists: Daniel Legurburu García, graduated in Business Administration, along with Asier Navascues, graduated in Business Management. Two young Venezuelan entrepreneurs who came to Barcelona with a clear idea: to introduce the arepa to their new home, using as a vehicle excellent quality, tradition and customs. The idea was born, evolved and then transformed into a widely recognized Latin flavor: fresh and different. La Taguara is a family business full of life, flavors, memories, smells, culture and above all arepas.

From ingredients to food presentation, La Taguara makes the process of eating something out of the ordinary. Along with the classic recipes of arepas we offer our own interesting and high quality creations, combining them with freshly squeezed  juices and Venezuelan desserts.

The arepa is many things: a versatile meal that adapts to any time and circumstance, a symbol of Venezuela, a reference of the culture of a good percentage of Latin America. After all who does not like an arepa?